This will be a different Medicare enrollment period! Agents and applicants need help.

Let me share our expectations as we head into AEP… and the tools we believe will be most valuable to agents, applicants and carriers at a time of social distancing and health concerns.

This upcoming enrollment period could bring significant constraints none of us has experienced before.

Let’s set the stage for the next few months…….Covid 19!

According to a chart from the CDC, the target market for Medicare enrollments,… those 65 years of age and older, ……is 5 times more likely to be hospitalized due to Coronavirus and 90 times more likely to die than the average 18 to 30 year old person.

Due to some of these statistics, it is suggested as high as 50% of Medicare age prospects are unlikely to want to meet face-to-face this enrollment period, and almost 100% will avoid group meetings.

Are you prepared to deal with that?

With Smart Agent CRM and our suite of technology solutions, you can manage this enrollment with minimal frustration and anxiety. With our tools, what used to take an average of 6 interactions and 60 minutes of total time, can become 15 minutes from first conversation to signed and submitted documents. We set out to create a system that minimizes keystrokes for agents and gives them the tools for when all applications go digitally direct to carriers.

Smart Agent pre-fills forms automatically from the data in your CRM. Additionally, you can send, receive, and manage electronic documents in real-time and get signatures on a document while on the phone, just as if you were talking a prospect through the process sitting at the same table. And all of it is automatically stored in Smart Agent, meets all compliance regulations, and is securely backed up, stored and instantly retrievable.

For additional information, please go to our Virtual Booth or and invest 2 Minutes to watch a video that will show you how easy we can make this coming AEP and every application thereafter.

Thank you.