Insurance Agency Management Solution Built by and for Agents

Introducing Smart Agent, a secure and cloud-based insurance CRM solution. Transform and optimize how you do business as an insurance agent with our system. Our Smart Agent suite of tools, with its enhanced features, will minimize the number of customer interactions between first connection and subscription, will allow for unique document sharing in real-time and while on the phone with the applicant, and improve the accuracy of data transmitted to each carrier, all in a fully HIPPA compliant platform.

Smart Agent - Boost Efficency

Boost the Efficiency of Your Insurance Processes

Make it easy for customers to do business with you! Each day, insurance agents have to manage large amounts of information and complete various tasks to help their insurance company grow and succeed. These professionals, however, have a limit on the amount of work they’re able to handle effectively and efficiently. If they can’t keep up, the insurance firm could risk losing valuable clients. Solve this problem with an insurance agency CRM solution that automates and streamlines the firm’s routine processes.

Smart Agent’s insurance brokerage CRM suite of tools allows your agency to access the information needed in one place.

With an effective insurance agency management system, you’ll improve your agents’ productivity, letting you maximize revenue and ROI.

The Features of Our Insurance Agency Management Solution

Our CRM solution built by and for insurance agents consists of the following features:

Comprehensive Dashboard

Our insurance agency management system lets your agents access all the information they need to get the work done quickly and effectively. They no longer have to search through physical desks or file cabinets simply to locate valuable data. The details your employees need will be right at their fingertips.

Agents will find the Smart Agent dashboard simple to use.

They won’t have to go through lengthy training sessions to learn how to access client information. They can easily retrieve important details, such as contact information, insurance policies, details, recent customer activity, files, notes, and other relevant data.

Additionally, our insurance CRM software presents everything employees need to transact with customers. Agents can easily answer basic telephone or email queries, such as:

  • “What is my insurance policy number?”
  • “How much is the face value of my insurance coverage?”
  • “How much is my deductible?”

Finding the answers to these inquiries takes only a matter of seconds.

Customer Communications Tracking

Our insurance agency CRM solution logs the details of your recent phone calls or emails with your customer in our dashboard’s activity window.

Effective Collaboration Tools

Enrollment seasons are a busy and chaotic time for insurance companies. During this period, employees may modify or elect insurance benefit options, such as life, dental, and health insurance.  This translates to a lot of work for the insurance provider.

Smart Agent has collaboration tools to help keep your insurance company orderly during enrollment season. Use our platform to boost the efficiency of your insurance team, including the temporary workers you’ve hired during this busy season.

Flexible Subscriptions

Our insurance agency management solution comes in two pricing modes: monthly or annual subscriptions. Our flexible month-to-month license costs $85 per user.

On the other hand, our yearly subscription costs $70 for the first 24 users. You’ll save more than 25% when you choose this option.

Easy-to-Use Insurance Quote Solution

Smart Agent’s quoting abilities enable your agents to easily compare and quote plans. This solution also lets agents jumpstart the enrollment process in a matter of clicks.

The Advantages of Using a Insurance CRM Solution

Smart Agent - Agent consulting with client image

Improved Customer File Management

An insurance agent CRM suite of tools gives employees a central location for all client information, including conversations. This helps you avoid unpleasant scenarios, such as lost data, duplicating details, and backlogged filing.

Smart Agent Online Form Image

Automated Invoicing

An insurance agency management solution automatically generates an invoice, saving your agents time and improving overall efficiency.

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Better Claims Tracking

Your insurance agents can easily access status reports of insurance claims, allowing them to deliver stellar service to clients.

Smart Agent - Agent with client on digital tablet

Increased Opportunities to Cross-Sell and Re-Market

Since the prospect and client information is accessible using one platform, insurance agents can use the data to generate quotes and discover cross-selling and other sales opportunities.

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Improved Profitability

Efficient insurance agency operations contribute to a higher bottom line. Your staff can devote more time to addressing the needs of their clients and less time shuffling through mountains of disorganized paperwork.

About Smart Agent

Smart Agent was created to serve as a customer service and sales management software solution for insurance agencies. Our insurance CRM suite of tools is ideal for agents in the insurance and financial services sector.

We have an expanding team of specialists have who extensive experience developing software for the financial services and insurance field. Additionally, we closely collaborate with various professionals across the nation, including benefit advisors and independent and captive agents.


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