Are you 100% digitally ready for The Medicare Annual Election Period?

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Having the good fortune of working for a major health insurance carrier in Minnesota for many years as a broker manager in Medicare and now fully engaged in helping agents improve their efficiency as the Regional sales manager for the number one agent digital solution, Smart Agent, I am constantly amazed when I talk to agents throughout the country about frustrations. The frustrations agents express are all very similar regardless of the geographic region or carrier/product. Guess what the number one concern is with most agents? How will I work with my customers this year in a COVID-19 environment without putting my clients at risk of infection and yet remaining compliant and not lose customers to other agents?

As an agent myself with a book of business, I’m always looking for ways to improve my service to customers and reduce the time it takes getting more signed documents and enrollment forms submitted. We all know that this results in happier customers which in turn results in more referrals and more business and more revenue.

Another common frustration I hear from agents every day is lack of technology when it comes to working with Medicare clients. Each carrier claims to have the “best” tools, but when I complete my Medicare certifications and see the tools myself, I just scratch my head a bit and wonder how great they really are. Many of our senior customers have smart phones and emails and can order a package of masks on Amazon in less than 3 minutes. But when it comes to Medicare, it seems the tools are lacking severely, even the tools from the big carriers with deep pockets.

In conversations I have with agents all over the US, many are suggesting that up to 50% of prospects over age 65 will be reluctant to meet face to face this year. This AEP will be unlike any other we have faced and when you add in other complications such as data transfer mistakes, carrier agent portal complexity, reduced commissions, is it any wonder agents are concerned about the future and being able to conduct business?

Hearing those frustrations and experiencing them myself, is the reason I am now the regional sales manager for Smart Agent. I truly enjoy helping agents improve their business! With that in mind, I am very happy to tell you we have found a solution to these problems with Smart Agent! Smart agent is the first of its kind technology that is a secure, compliant, and cloud-based solution that will allow you to transform and optimize how you do business as an insurance agent. Imagine taking the average 60-90 minutes of total interaction with an applicant down to 15 minutes. Smart Agent’s real-time document management and “pre-filled” applications can do that for you.

So if you think you’ve done everything you need to do in preparation for this AEP, I ask you to please reconsider and ask yourself if you are 100% ready to help your over 65 clients this year. According to the CDC statistics at 65 years of age, your target market for Medicare enrollees is 5 times more likely to be hospitalized due to COVID 19 and 90 times more likely to die than the average 18 to 30 year old person. Carriers are forcing agents to go digital and it is only a matter of time before agents that don’t prepare will fall by the wayside and have no other choice but to sell their book of business.

We are seeing amazing results from our Smart Agent users and dramatic improvements in reducing customer and agent frustration by using our newest management/eSignature technology, completely built in to the #1 secure and easy to use CRM, Smart Agent! Lower frustration and faster times to signature and submissions improve service to enrollees and the potential to serve more applicants for you the agent.

Smart Agent CRM Solution. Now is the time to take control of your agency and Smart Agent is the solution!  I would enjoy an opportunity to schedule a zoom meeting with you, as one agent to another, and show you how to be 100% ready this year with Smart Agent. Sign up for a FREE Trial today.

Thank you and have a great AEP with Smart Agent!